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Sold Paintings
A selection of the paintings I have sold over the past 4 years. It you see anything you like and would be interested in something similar then please get in touch.
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Moonlit Sunflowers 8x8 inches
Sweethearts 8x8 inches
As The Snow Melts Away 12x12 inches
Back To The Family 12x12 inches
Home Time 6x6 inches
Let The Children Say Goodbye 12x12 inches
What Time Is It Please 12x12 inches
Dear Hare 6x6 inches
Everything I Do, I Do For You 12x12 inches
The Floral Dance 12x12 inches
The Foxtet 6x6 inches
Family Love 12x12 inches
Falling For You 12x12 inches
Lifelong Friends 12x12 inches
Waiting For The Postman 8x8 inches
The Aysgarth Hare 12x12 inches
Misty Morning Walk 12x12 inches
Just Say You Love Me 12x12 inches
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