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Sold Paintings
A selection of the paintings I have sold over the past 4 years. It you see anything you like and would be interested in something similar then please get in touch.
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The Wonder Of You 6x6 inches
The Best Of Love 6x6 inches
Autumn Foxes 12x12 inches
Catch A Leaf, Make A Wish 12x12 inches
The Curious Snowman 12x12 inches
Who Turned The Light Off? 12x12 inches
Heather And The Fox 12x12 inches
Miss You Night 12x12 inches
Love In The Mist 12x12 inches
The Birthday Gift 12x12 inches
Fly By Night 12x12 inches
St Germaines In The Moonlight 12x12 inches
Love Amongst The Hollyhocks 6x6 inches
Come Fly With Me 12x12 inches
The Owl And The Hare 12x12 inches
Copper Beach 6x6 inches
Autumn Moondance 12x12 inches
And I Say To Myself...... 12x12 inches
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