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This is a collection of paintings on board telling the tale of the Roseberry Hare with his family and friends . He lives in North Yorkshire, close to the well known landmark of Roseberry Topping. He does sometimes take little trips to other areas and has been spotted having a day out at the coast or playing by the river. SOME OF THESE PIECES ARE SOLD BUT IF YOU WOULD LIKE SOMETHING SIMILAR THEN PLEASE HAVE A LOOK IN OUR SOLD SECTION TO GET SOME IDEAS THEN GET IN TOUCH. WE CAN EVEN DO LARGER PIECES OF 18 X 18 OR 24 X 24 INCHES
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You Lift Me Up 12x12 inches
Tales From The Riverbank 12x12 inches RESERVED
Our Favourite Tree 12x12 inches
It Made me Think Of You 12x12 inches
On Moonlight Bay 12x12 inches
You Do Something To Me 12x12 inches
Remember Me 12x12 inches
Wasn't It A Lovely Day? 12x12 inches
Only To Be With You 16x16 inches
I Have The Moon 12x12 inches
Love Is All Around 12x12 inches
Hearts And Flowers 18x18 inches
Wait For Us 12x12 inches
Blackberry Way 12x12 inches
The Old Master 24x24 inches
Under The Bridge 8x8 inches
Our Perfect Family 12x12 inches RESERVED
A Hare Study
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