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Sold Paintings
A selection of the paintings I have sold over the past 4 years. It you see anything you like and would be interested in something similar then please get in touch.
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Keep On Running 12x12 inches
Me And My Shadow 12x12 inches
Pinch, Punch, First Of The Month 6x6 inches
There's A Place For Us 12x12 inches
What A Wonderful World 12x12 inches
A Motherís Pride 12x12 inches
A Sky Full Of Stars 12x12 inches
Do You Want To Know Secret 12x12 inches
The Hounds Of Love 12x12 inches
What We Remember 12x12 inches
All The Love In The World 12x12 inches
My Northern Lights 12x12 inches
Love You To Saturn And Back 12x12 inches
Kiss Me Quick 12x12 inches
I Want To Hold Your Hand 12x12 inches
There Are Places I Remember 12x12 inches
Snow On The Beach 12x12 inches
Where Our Hearts Are 12x12 inches
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